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Cerebos Australia and Cerebos Greggs New Zealand fully recognise our corporate and ethical responsibilities to ensure that our business activities do not have an adverse effect on our environment.

Cerebos will continuously improve its environmental performance through setting and reviewing environmental objectives and targets in line with company and government policies.


Cerebos Australia has proudly been a signatory to the National Packaging Covenant since mid 2000 and through various initiatives such as the reduction in the disposal of used packaging, conservation of resources through improved production processes and the re-use and recycling of packaging materials has minimised its environmental impact arising from packaging.

Cerebos Australia has recently signed on to the Australian Packaging Covenant and has published its 5 year action plan aiming to further minimise the environmental impacts arising from packaging by pursuing the specific performance goals of Design, Recycling and Product Stewardship.

Cerebos Gregg’s New Zealand has signed on to the Packaging Stewardship Scheme, which focuses on packaging functionality, resource efficiency, use of low impact materials and end of life considerations.

For further information about action plans in Australia Click here

For further information about action plans in New Zealand Click here

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